Friday, February 9, 2018

Let's Talk About Six, Bay-bee.

I began writing short fiction in 2015.  In my first two years polishing my craft, I sold two short stories total.  In the ten weeks since Thanksgiving, I have sold six short stories.  Either I’m getting better at this or the literary world’s standards are collapsing.

A brief summary of the work I’ll be hyping in the months ahead:

“BEEN THERE, DONE THAT:”  This story began as an attempt to rewrite Atlas Shrugged as a high school romance, took a detour through a Bill Murray movie, and wound up as…well, as whatever the hell it is.  Already released in print form by The Colored Lens, the free online version will be out any day now.

“FINGER:”  Horrible people doing horrible things to people to determine whether those other people are people.  Coming in March from The Arcanist.

“THE BOOK THAT TURNED ME GAY.”  A tribute to libraries and librarians.  Presented in podcast form, featuring shifting narration by seven characters, all portrayed by The Overcast's fearless narrator, J.S. Arquin.

“ALL THAT GLITTERS.”  A desperate thief invades a dragon’s lair to discover an even deadlier enemy within.  A July release from Bards and Sages Quarterly.

 “MAGIC BEANS.”  Evil bioscientist battles flatulent pixies for control of a world-altering crop.  Coming this fall from Outposts of Beyond.

“APPROPRIATE.”  A school goes the extra mile to ensure that its students resist the lure of cultural appropriation.  Soon to appear in The Centropic Oracle.

And, in addition to these recent sales, an older sale which will hit the shelves soon:  “THE PRINCESS AND THE P.”  The heiress to a magical monarchy discovers that controlling problematic language can be…well…problematic.  In the midsummer release Perilous Princesses, from one of my first and favorite partners in publishing, CBAY Books.

Needless to say, it’s been a successful couple of months.  Looking forward to sharing these with you.